I apologize to David Ingham for being an asshole

inghamOf all the weird stuff I have done, and said, the last 4 years, one of the few things I actually sincerely regret, is having been an asshole to Mr. David Ingham. Exactly how I was an asshole, is something I hope can be of private character between me, Mr. Ingham, and God, but to make a long story short; “I passed the buck”!

This was a mistake, I pray to God I will never, ever, ever, ever do again! And I hope Mr. Ingham can forgive me for having been an asshole …

In an attempt to try to set things right again, I would like to inform everyone who cares to listen, that I consider Mr. Ingham to be among the Noblest of Men, a true Gentleman, a Brilliant Entrepreneur, and an extraordinary Loyal and good friend! Unfortunately, like others before me, I fell victim for lies, told by “lesser people”, trying to make me believe Mr. Ingham was something he was not! Which I see as a testimonial towards Mr. Ingham’s greatness in fact!

David Ingham was a key colleague and co-founder, when I started Winergy, Inc., which was a DTC Wine Marketing Company, focusing on harvesting the email address from customers visiting Wine Tasting rooms. Winergy was a technology company, creating SaaS software, using the iPad as our platform, and without Mr. Ingham’s help, it would never have received anything resembling the success it actually did.

In the end, Winergy did not succeed, and I consider the loss of Mr. Ingham to be one of the primary causes behind our lack of success in the end. David Ingham was the CMO of Winergy, and brilliant at networking and making others believe in the same dream we believed in!

In retro-perspective, I have only nice things to say about Mr. Ingham, and I give him 10 points, out of 10 possible, on every single measurable character-trait necessary to create a business!

BTW, for the record, Mr. Ingham is the only previous employee of Winergy to receive this type of credit from me. The rest of my so-called co-founders (read; leaches), I have absolutely nothing nice to say about, what so ever!


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