How the USA could rid itself of capital punishment by privately surveillancing judges

electric-chairEveryone has something they do not want the entire world to know about themselves. Everyone is willing to give something to those who knows, but chooses to not tell!

Imagine a judge, who is a member of the Mormon Church. He is well known for judging all those he can to capital punishment. He is apparently happily married, and has children with his wife. In his spare time, he enjoys having sex with other consenting males, in some homosexual club he happens to be secretly a member of. How much do you think this judge is willing to “give” in return for never having images and video footage of him having sex with other males enter the “public space” …?

If you had video of this judge, “playing horse” with another male, do you think this judge would be willing to sentence his victims to life in prison, instead of capital punishment, if you approach him with such an offer? Basically, he stops sentencing people to death, and you keep your video footage to yourself …?

If the anti-capital punishment movement in the USA initiated surveillance of every single judge, in every single state, who were known to sentence his victims to capital punishment, they’d probably completely rid themselves of capital punishment, within a year or two. Simply put, because *everyone* has something to hide


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